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The materials we work with are all sustainable types of wood.

This way we ensure that our furniture has all the good characteristics of wood and will last a long time.


Accoya is the collective name for pine that has been treated with a high concentration of vinegar (acetylation). This ensures that the hydrophilic properties in the wood (hydroxyl groups) are replaced by water-repellent properties (acetyl groups). Due to this modification process, the wood hardly reacts to moisture. Instead of swelling when wet and shrinking when it dries, the wood remains stable.


It is one of the most popular types of wood: oak. It is powerful, has a warm color and a striking flame pattern. In terms of durability, however, it is in the middle category: class 3. This means that the wood will remain good for 10 to 15 years. Fortunately, there is an easy way to increase durability: by treating it with oil. As a result, the moisture penetrates less quickly and the lifespan is considerably extended.

Steamed ash

Steamed ash is extremely durable wood, with durability class 2 to even 1. The wood is heated up to over 180 degrees Celsius in an oxygen-poor environment. This process (thermally modification) ensures in a 100% environmentally friendly way that the wood will not retain water. As a result, it does not decay and can survive outside for up to 25 years.

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About us

At Struismeubels, we ensure that our products are sustainable, robust and fair, from the drawing board till the development. The materials we use are sustainable woods, which not only last a long time but also have a beautiful appearance. This way we can deliver beautiful furniture that is also good for the planet.

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Our products

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We’ve chosen to only work with sustainable materials, such as steamed ash, oak and Accoya. 


In the design of our furniture, all connection and construction points have been left visible on purpose. It shows the honest and robust character of the furniture line.


Our products are made to survive outdoors. They can withstand the rain and also a bump. 

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